Immediate Maxillary Central Using UniFit™ Implant

Immediate Maxillary Central Using UniFit™ Implant

By Dr. Nachum Samet
November 20, 2023



A healthy, 40 years old patient, who had a sport accident 10 years ago, asked for a solution because of irritation around tooth #21. Clinically, the tooth was discolored.

A radiograph reveals external cervical root resorption and a horizontal crown fracture. 

The tooth was extracted using a root elevator to minimize bone damage, so that the buccal bone was preserved completely.

An immediate implant was placed into the palatal bone area, ensuring that connection is at the cingulum area of the future crown, and the head of the implant is around 3-4mm below the zenith of the buccal gingival margin. An immediate, screw-retained crown, was fabricated chair side, using a Temporary abutment. 

After 6 weeks of healing, an impression was taken, and a final crown fabricated. 


Picture1 DG - Nachum Samet

Pre-operative x-ray


Treatment Plan

Extraction, immediate placement and loading, final crown.




Description of Surgical Procedure

Following standard anesthetic, the tooth was extracted using a root elevator.
A sharp-tip drill was used to penetrate the palatal socket wall, and then was enlarged using a 2.8 two-step drill. The UniFit 3.5mm implant was placed using
an Adin implant surgical Driver. 

Picture2 DG - Nachum Samet

UniFit implant placement



Description of Restorative Procedure

An intra-oral scanner was used to send patient’s and implant's data to the lab.
Using CAD/CAM technology, a Zirconia, screw retained crown was fabricated, coated with Felspathic porcelain. 



Conclusion and Final Result

Very stable implant-abutment connection.





Acknowledgement: Temir Heker Dent, Dental Laboratory, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 


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Dr. Nachum Samet

About the Author:
Dr. Nachum Samet

Dr. Nachum Samet is a multi-awarded Professor at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he acted as the Director of Pre-Doctoral Prosthodontics and also held a degree of Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials. In recognition of his significant contribution, Dr. Samet still holds a part-time position at Harvard, and is a member of the school’s Board. He has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 20 years.