All-on-six with immediate loading of hybrid bridge

All-on-six with immediate loading of hybrid bridge

By Dr. Eduardo Ubieta
August 4, 2021






Clinical Case:


65 y.o. male F. J. C. presented to our clinic for evaluation on 02/27/19 after a large history of failed dental work. 

Medical History:  Hypertension. 
Allergies: NKAD.
EOE: Within normal limits.
IOE: Oral cancer screening was negative, patient presented with defective anterior bridge, with severe carious lesion on abutment tooth # 11 (Canine), open margins, existing implant with locator attached to fixture on tooth area # 4 and severe generalized chronic periodontitis on remaining teeth, fair oral hygiene.
After a comprehensive oral evaluation was completed Mr. C was explained about the poor prognosis of the existing upper dentition for fix rehabilitation and treatment plan option of
All on Six Implant Hybrid bridge was explained as ideal approach to restore function and form of his masticatory system.

Patient was also recommended with scaling and root planning for the lower arch.
Questions were answered and Mr. C accepted the suggested treatment plan.


After all the preliminary protocol and approach was completed, surgery was performed on 06/18/19 where upper remaining teeth were removed and 6 implants were placed and fixed in less than 24 hours, avoiding any lack of function or psychological trauma with this prompt rehabilitation.


After the surgical phase was completed and implant osseointegration process was successfully concluded impressions were taken for final rehabilitation in monolithic zirconia with porcelain layer started on 10/08/19 and successfully delivered on 01/28/21.





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Dr. Eduardo Ubieta

About the Author:
Dr. Eduardo Ubieta

Dr. Ubieta completed his first dental education in Havana, Cuba in 2007. Not long after, he relocated to Miami, FL, where he assisted several education courses before attending Nova Southeastern University (NSU) School of Dentistry, where he completed two years of a residency program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD), earning his Doctorate in Dental Medicine in the US. During these years of hard work, he was honored by NSU, with the Memorial Award Dr. Leonard M. Sakrais for Excellence in General Dentistry in 2012. A year after, his passion for dentistry led him to earn his fellowship in the ICOI and IDIA, and he founded his Dream Practice: Sunset Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and later, in 2014 his dental laboratory: Ceramic Precision Dental Lab. During the following years, he has continually attended numerous courses in different aspects of General Dentistry, completing more than 500 hours of continuing education and passing rigorous examinations being awarded Diplomate status by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) in 2016 and Fellow of the Academy General Dentistry in 2017.