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ADIN Implants Blog

From scan to smile with adinguide™ and cad cam

By Diego Zapolski | August 24, 2022
"I was sure it would take me years to gain implantology confidence and achieve great results for...
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Meeting demands of today’s society

By Dr. Ara Nazarian | May 1, 2022
  Today, we find more and more patients presenting to the dental practice already having exhausted...
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Closefit rp implants in the esthetic zone

By Dr. Mariano Estrada | September 12, 2021
      Clinical Case: Step by step rehabilitation after loss of two maxillary incisors.   Case...
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How guided surgery can improve your treatment abilities?

By Mohammed A. Elal | May 19, 2021
Implantology has largely developed in the past decade and most dental professionals now agree that...
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Predictable immediate guided implant placement and provisionalization within your practice

By Dr. Ara Nazarian | May 12, 2021
When a patient presents to your dental practice with questionable and/or non-restorable teeth...
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The future of pterygoid and zygomatic implants: 100% secure and flapless 2-hour procedure

By Dr. Adi Lorean | January 8, 2018
Dental implant procedures have been enhancing the quality of life of patients ever since Dr....
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Paradigm shifts in dental implant: healing time - reconsidered

By Dr. Nachum Samet | December 6, 2017
Ever since Brånemark introduced his system and the concept of osseointegration back in 1977, and...
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