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ADIN Implants Blog

How to make the most out of digital marketing for your clinic

By Mordi Alfassi | April 17, 2019
In today’s digital environment, knowledge is accessible for everyone faster than ever. Being a...
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Dental implant design – why companies are investing heavily in macro, micro and nanotechnology

By Ami Hantman | March 7, 2018
It's well documented that the long term survival rates of dental  implants are excellent and as...
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Molar replacement options: one wide vs two narrow implants - which is best?

By Dr. Nachum Samet | February 11, 2018
For many years the gold standard for the replacement of molars has been to fit wide diameter...
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Soft tissue management around dental implants and its functional outcomes at our 2018 costa rica symposium

By Dr. Nachum Samet | January 15, 2018
The loss of a front tooth is always difficult for patients. With the loss of a tooth, both...
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The future of pterygoid and zygomatic implants: 100% secure and flapless 2-hour procedure

By Dr. Adi Lorean | January 8, 2018
Dental implant procedures have been enhancing the quality of life of patients ever since Dr....
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Bone augmentation vs. other solutions for atrophic jaws

By Dr. Nachum Samet | December 18, 2017
When a tooth is missing owing to extraction, trauma or periodontal disease, it's only a matter of...
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Paradigm shifts in dental implant: healing time - reconsidered

By Dr. Nachum Samet | December 6, 2017
Ever since Brånemark introduced his system and the concept of osseointegration back in 1977, and...
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Time is ticking for the annual adin international symposium 2018

By Dr. Nachum Samet | November 9, 2017
As we quickly approach the end of 2017, our attention starts to turn to our Annual Adin...
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How economically pricing dental implants will bring you more patients

By Ami Hantman | October 29, 2017
Dentists don't learn pricing dental implants in school. Yet, because many are small business owners...
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