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ADIN Implants Blog

How guided surgery can improve your treatment abilities?

By Mohammed A. Elal | May 19, 2021
Implantology has largely developed in the past decade and most dental professionals now agree that...
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Predictable immediate guided implant placement and provisionalization within your practice

By Dr. Ara Nazarian | May 12, 2021
When a patient presents to your dental practice with questionable and/or non-restorable teeth...
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Computer-guided implant placement - myths and facts

By Dr. Nachum Samet | February 15, 2021
From a patient perspective, when it comes to implant-based restorations it’s the end result  ...
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Adin’s closefit conical implants: why conical connection implants are replacing internal-hex implants?

By Ami Hantman | February 15, 2021
In the early days of implant-based restorations the focus was on placing external hex units which...
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Peri-implantitis: causes and how they can be managed

By Dr. Nachum Samet | February 14, 2021
Implant-based dental rehabilitations have, for a number of decades, become the preferred and...
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Spotlight on our partner mr. cezar nicu, romania

By Mordi Alfassi | November 4, 2020
Mr. Cezar Nicu, Romania.   Our Romanian office, headed up by Cezar Nicu, is located in Bucharest.  
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Spotlight on our partner mr. jeremy rosenberg, south africa

By Mordi Alfassi | July 29, 2020
Mr. Jeremy Rosenberg, South Africa.   “Prices might be negotiable but good values and solid...
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Spotlight on our partner mrs. dimitra dodou, greece

By Mordi Alfassi | July 28, 2020
Mrs. Dimitra Dodou, Greece. Our Greek distributor, Mrs. Dimitra Dodou, believes there are two keys...
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A series of tips that will help you get #backtonormal easily

By Gabriel Asulin | June 7, 2020
Back to work? Adin in collaboration with Mr. Gabriel Asulin brings you a series of tips to make...
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